Great Saline of Salins

Great Saline of Salins

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Historical and industrial site, the Great Saline of Salins has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO, in extension of the Royal Saline of Arc-et-Senans.

The tour begins with the discovery of the 13th century underground gallery in which a 19th century hydraulic pumping system is still in operation. Currently, this pump continues to draw a brine loaded with 330 g of salt per liter of water.

The evaporation building which presents the last salt stove of France, then allows to imagine the difficult working conditions of the salt workers until 1962.

Informations pratiques

Grande Saline
Place des Salines
39110 Salins-les-Bains

39110 — Salins-les-Bains (Jura, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté)
03 84 73 10 92
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Less than 7 years Gratuit
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Schedules indicate the departure time of the visit, the ideal is to arrive about 10 minutes before.

The temperature in the underground galleries is 12° C, whatever the season. The passage from one place to another one is done outside, think to provide adapted clothes.

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